Teskilat Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv What if they call me for my crime? What are we gonna do? Even if I don’t know, this zoo knows, sir. It smells of your oppressor. bleats would have exposed you but they kept silent, Sir. They were silent, they did not make a sound.  I’ve heard a lot about your name. -You’re welcome, brother.  But you are like this Wherever you go, they know you. But no one would think to look at a shepherd’s hut.

Protector I have a house on the mountain side.

Go there, sir.  Let me get over this mess. You will get over it, of course you will get over it, sir. Besides, there is a lot of smoke from the great mountain. Maybe maybe I will never forget you. Masallah! Masallah! Let’s just come. Be there bro. What are you looking for here? I’m looking for a gentleman named Osman Bey. Who is this Osman Bey?  He would be with the oppressed. What should I do by not falling behind a brain like that? Then… it is right in front of it. No. No need bro.  stuck arrow, the stolen pusat it is not your command, Osman Bey. Say your name, bro. It is Burhan, your word is my command.

You’re not from around here obviously I’m from the

Caucasus, sir. oh my god. Caucasus’s eagle and valiant are both famous. You are welcome, you are welcome.  Come on, Has anyone passed through here, Shepherd? Is Osman Bey a traitor that the neck of the giver is beheaded? Is this Alemshah right? It is right, Gunduz Bey. He accepted the crimes attributed to him by escaping. Isn’t doing business contrary to the Sultan’s word betrayal? You are the son of Ertuğrul Gazi. Is your background Osman or Oban? He is Obama.

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I would think the same Be in control of your people.

We don’t want anyone to suffer. Alps They are the Alps of Kayı. When will you release them? No alps of Kayi are kept, Gündüz. Those caught are Osman’s alps. Not Kayi. If I let go, they’ll go after Osman and burn both themselves and you. I will send it to Konya. Their fate is left to the conscience of Sultan Mesud. If they don’t do anything crazy and arrive, their lives will begin, Gündüz Bey. There are more important matters to talk about… that concern the future of the tribe. His majesty, the Tekfurlar entered the Han. How is Mari, Nikola… still angry? Mari is my jewel, Koses. Teskilat Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

I ‘m doing everything I can to make her feel good,

but you know her a little too, so she’s vicious.  Both her anger and her grudge against me. Whatever mistake he makes, he is my most precious. She is smart girl. He will understand us in time. I think we should believe in the beauty that time offers us. Look, until I came back from Constantinople, Osman was a common rebel for the Seljuks. The vizier is with us, and we are in Söğüt. So true, so right, my dear friend. Does it smell of victory in here? In this world, besides Osman Bey,

there is also a place to eat pusat my Bey.

Let’s just stop. Mr. Osman.  I’m fine, don’t worry. Thank you very much, thank you very much, Osman Bey. Let him come, come, come with me. -Osman! Malhun! I’m Osman. Sir. There is a wound. How did you find me? Take it easy bro. Sounds like it would come easy. We are looking for a beyoğlu bey. Have you seen anything, shepherd agha? Anyone can find it by searching. 

What are we looking for Did you see or not?

It is hasty. Aman Malhun Hatun, don’t let it cloud the sea. At that time, they even hide the obvious. Is it Derya? It is not our place to be even one tarsier in the sea. Osman Bey Don’t worry bro. We seek to accompany his path. Now you say, where did it go? Comrades, right? That way. He went towards the Harmanlık road, but he is on foot.  God bless the shepherd. Sit down, let me look at your wound. Ya Shafi. Be there, be there. Sir, we came prepared. Mr. Osman. Turhan Alp. He has remembered our way. It has fallen on us. It is an alpine. I owe him a life debt.

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