Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 47 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 47 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 47 In Urdu Subtitleebrows Her you start the new day with love mom. you stay with me mom mom you don’t be sad your words hey hey but mom mom come don’t be sad for me a you Even though the traces of the past hurt so much. you have forgiven me. I promise you.

I won’t hurt you again Believe me.

even if it’s in my hands to say gdbye to you. even though it’s hard to say gdbye to you. don’t cry even if I can’t keep the last word. mom. I’m still with you a but my mother. don’t be sad. your words are always in my heart sult conclusion North bottom shopping mall or car park so the second boss will be there i see see I said I congratulate you all again Thank you my love and the president of Mete, what else did you talk about my President Will you tell me, of course, as much as necessary.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 47 In Urdu Subtitle

In fact , the project, which is progressing faster than we all think,

is about to come later Friends, this situation once again revealed the importance of the natura do you have right ft Oh here Greetings were on my news remains I from here Do you remember me This When you sht a wolf. do n’t be sure it’s dead or else It will definitely come and find sna0 it takes a listen to do it what happens I beg you have no chance to do it now you’re at the end of the road it will take more beg some pride lk here listen me it’s a big mistake you made a big mistake Yes what you did is a big mistake Oh. and this is the result. Oh if you kill me. you will never be able to retrieve the data we tk again.Mubiseries


The data you stole Ok here is what we stole.

if you kill me you will get nothing God damn it. we’re moving quickly. this is Çınar it isyou. this is Çetin . don’t you know this is Çetinkaya ? Yes. there is no Çetin. but I told him now he is not Kaya. that long story I’ll tell . but I Ya let’s see Hah that kid at schl No I came to pick up my friend’s kid A very close friend of mine. I’m so glad. why not now. I have to go. The child is waiting. I’m in a hurry. 15 Then we met. what will we do? call me okay these words are what these words are in the hallway I ll call I will definitely call this wrap is your head my mom hi tell me where is it now did you think you were at home we know. tell me.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 47 In Urdu Subtitle

i will bore you most often this is ok skadi

But the parents are not at home He asks that he still has the healthy data from the ship. I think he wants to save himself. but it’s possible to lie. OK . albeit a small possibility. After coming out and ensuring that the data is available . and what to do . switch to the communication OK menus. you guys Hi . can I ask what happened. of course. what happened? nice this video of stop stop they know me he massage in the park He I’m so tired I have to give Ah Samet I could n’t stand it I was patient ah

Yusuf brother Let’s go come on let’s go to these

Gürcan services white run chicken this Pınar Yağmur is here Thank gdness thank gdness Hi my president Yağmur Güvendi is taking a taxi with his aunt Don’t worry my president Selam Selam You lk at me if you use it you will get a bullet in the back of my head there is a definite instruction you know our oil lamp can’t kill my father’s seller stand up get up it ‘s if we don’t get it faster than the photo they will all ride us songs this friend came a little more No bro . we bought shoes with another size.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 47 In Urdu Subtitle

we’re dating Yes.

it’s clear. it’s very gd there is no before urgent action is needed Where is the address you said? It’s my house. We ‘ll go to the bank and take the key. If I try to pull a number. I will kill you. Then you’ll release me. we ‘ll let go This There is a roadwork Sir. what did I say. didn’t I say anything ? and call Zehra. they left her house. The men will give up until they wake up sn.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 47 In Urdu Subtitle

they will lk at the camera ftage. they will cut their way. I am lking for alternative ways now. I am lking for alternative ways. they will come out of there. don’t worry. don’t worry. my president. God bless you is beautiful . I find the job if you say yes Sir it this It seems empty. it’s still okay Al Allah 30 you’re like that I’m breaking that dr once No no no no let’s close the dynamic Music No . I arranged it uncle.

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