Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 In Urdu Subtitles that were placed there before im They probably planned this job well in advance and they put the car there a few days ago to avoid attracting attention. They also have the list of cars after Serdar leaves. They also have the list of cars after Serdar exits. if you need an intersection list of the vehicles that were left there first 3 This is a vehicle It is likely to be a van this intelligence Hacer What are you doing Don’t talk Calm down keep calm ok let go Calm down please download turn leave it to me o please I ‘ll find a little rain please calm

Ceren I heard something but I didn’t

hear it I’ll tell you by force. maybe if something comes to your mind. you’re connected. aren’t these guys with the Sleeper? I don’t know. even though I don’t know. maybe you’re mad at someone. maybe he knows your daughter. can’t it be. we know that t. tell us something we don’t know. maybe another service. I really don’t know. He’s playing a game. He’s playing a game. What happened. ex-girlfriend? This Sevda. what are you doing I’m trying to find a girl At least as much as you and me Yes Do you know why Because you are so precious to me so I asked Ceren Do you care.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 In Urdu Subtitle

Go do whatever you do it’s about to ck

I know it’s hard but I’m by your side but [ Music] don’t lose your resident under any circumstances. Zehra does not lose her cl. where is it to say that you have a limit t I don’t like seeing you like this. wake up like at o I’m sorry this is Faruk Bey so repent tea You me Yours I think there is a connection between you. did I understand that you sent it? There is always a bond between the members of uz No . I feel like a bond beyond that. your work is always strong. but this is not our topic now


. maybe the time will come. maybe I think you

should continue to follow the tip I gave. but do not deal with the end of the rope in my hand for now. this is my habit when i get a clue i follow the cheapest one regardless of where it goes Can’t find any prf No I couldn’t find it. You are in front of me. I have the state. nothing different nothing always says things Like there may be another intelligence service involved in the additional work Did you know that Even if we don’t know. something you guessed is ok There is a lot of difference between knowing and guessing . you are hungry But what is this? What is the rain? We knitted we don’t know the heads

About it came out a while ago and this one was last seen

They were lking for clues in the parking lot the images of the car came from them now contact them notification notification may be a trap teach them so we will be careful this Sinan had a little bit of hostility to him Yıldırım o times are changing. my teacher is no longer my teacher . keep your radio in the past. we squeezed the constitution of many men. but we did not touch the women or children as per the Rajon Old friends are gathering Orhan No. we have never been friends with you Yıldırım or he has stepped up Yıldırım again. what have I done. even if it passes. you know from me.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 In Urdu Subtitle

You are the only coyote we know.

maybe it is because of him. lk maybe you smelled wrong. I have a sharp nose. I can smell the baseness right away. it comes from the smell of it. it’s the smell of repentance. it’s important that you are a sinner. It lks like you are a sinner . What did I do and I’m the president Don’t play games with me. don’t ever play with the state. maybe you’re bored. wait. if you’re bored. we’ll play it. But know that the state does not explode . it sets up hard We know it’s the most likely to be the farthest. So we know that if something happens to one of you. supply lies. If you had come from behind

. Zehra wouldn’t have known what you were saying.

You’re okay. nothing like that . but hk together Lara. it ‘s best that you exist But you just forget about us now. just think about the rain get ready. we’re getting close Let’s finish the job You are attacking. a little girl is missing or she was surrounded. I can’t accept it . God says I will take you all to court. this court says Our huge state is dealing with business people in their business. it’s a shame. I shot him down. Lightning. this is so courageous. I still don’t understand what I’m being accused of. After all. there is a right in this country. there is a law and there is no law. Lk at me. If anything happens to that girl.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 In Urdu Subtitle

even let me know in law and she is

Don’t threaten me. but that’s a little word. Is it Thor Lara. who is your dog? Oh their fathers Y I have only one friend Sinner This rm I’ve been living here for 30 years You can scare me with death what prison is that I ‘m not afraid of you I’m not afraid of anyone here you are doing the wrong you will be afraid Lightning is afraid of the power of the state with a mind.Mubiseries

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 In Urdu Subtitle

We will lk for a hole to escape like a mouse. we will teach you to be afraid. not just you . I just got up from Shock. there’s you either you go to bed and pray to the president Mete. I don’t know Doğan. don’t worry. we ‘ll try to pray for you when you come across this again you will be delivered to the supreme Turkish Justice Yes now I’m out of tune Pitbull fan yo

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