Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 In Urdu Subtitlering her here He promises you I said you promise a and b bill will be deducted again is there any permission for this please I you it I didn’t even guess that much what a background My uncle thought that they would get this much cast. but I thought a little bit Zehra.  After all. the state orders you. You will. I was always ready to give my life for my country.

Well . do you have the right to sacrifice the lives of our loved ones ?

I’m alive for this country . I thought about it. What I’m trying to understand is that sometimes someone can do it like this. there’s nothing you can do but you just want to lk into the eyes of the person you love the most. you just want to lk into the eyes of your favorite person in the middle of the water so that he doesn’t feel lonely. and that’s something you console yourself. You are alive. but God is with the right. in this case. do not think about who is right . there is no need to be patient. these days will pass.

do you have it hewhat’s up what time this boss is coming tomorrow be here one day

What do you think we talked about boss right now we’re going to get a bit of aYa I don’t do pans I want my right go to 4 it’s halfway through. sorry I just came. it was about I came. I guess why did you come I just have to go home you don’t have to blow we ‘ll find it rained. if we can’t find it. it didn’t rain or anything Surrender yourself to these rascals Will you trust them? If your child kidnapped Yes and what was it.

why did you hide it You know what it is serasan

You are not in a position to make the right decisions right now I will surrender myself. this is how I gave birth Serdar So everyone will get their wish. my daughter will be saved and I will not give the guys what they want It’s me mm because of me I will not let the state’s reputation be trampled on and I will die At least if my daughter will be saved I can’t think of anything else understand me Give it a little more time This dear I promise you I will find it to the rain what does it mean one blue sentence Thank you 400 Let’s have a charity meal for the sake of Allah Please.


I have a baby.

Now go get some rest. clear your head. we’ll talk later. and the guys said it’s your permission. go for a walk. listen to your head for a bit. but then he came back. right? It’s difficult because now you’ve met those guys. you ‘ve seen their money. you’ve seen their car. they called you a lied to homeland.

they called you a nation. they called you a nation.

they said honor. they gave it to you in the evening. they gave you an intravenous syringe. they poisoned you. Now. in this dishonest world . it becomes more difficult to bring bread home with your honor. and after that time. lies begin. To whom can you tell the biggest

I didn’t put your name Barış for nothing.

is it like this. if you had it. you would have squeezed it I saw two of them I don’t have this bro I want to return What does it mean Where do you want to to your side ? It’s our business. It’s not a child’s play. but Then I’ll be telling you about the clock. my dear. it’s your turn to tell you. Did you remember this guy? Did it bite you? can you get out if I say most often? We have a guest at the retreat. Who is Pınarhan? Yes. don’t remove it? Sign up and .

I’m sorry. I came unaware No dear.

what’s wrong with you. we’re always together at the beginning. Are we going to sit here. is this when we got together If you want. to and this friend What happened? this is how we do it. if you want. this is welcome aunt no aunt Welcome Pınar wanted to understand huh Come on you guys a loneliness This way will be done but a little scared .Mubiseries

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 In Urdu Subtitle

This deal so let’s go to the opening I don’t have any place to eat I just came here to drink tea and coffee Why do you rate itit is Cetin I thank you at all What does it do But you went to prison for me and I thank you at all and there is no news yet nothing is Zehra this is Zehra we will find it Ok this is Serdar we found it anyway we found the trace of the man who missed the rain I can’t tell you where I

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