Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitle Um out I’m outside No lk. go get  pl running but I’m very thirsty Ha yes ok to this we will pass bro you will survive you will get rid of it you need to grind some more No These are I’ll get to work Do you have any this almond from the back. Where are you from? We escaped

We know we came to buy it in prison .

be this Ibrahim Can there is no it doesn’t matter Ya I know I’ll stop for a minute ika Yes yes yes ok ok I’m interested Come on we’re waiting Hurry come come come here we are here this we know what will happen to you if you get caught first they pull our eople are about torture Experts solve everyone Then you are incompetent. you couldn’t solve me In the end.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitle

they will solve it. you will not even solve this Turkish intelligence .

you will disgrace us first. we need to seize it. Do we have DJ sets they take away and if there’s still nothing what’s up sir were you thinking of telling me I was going to let you know be a become a bone o Uncle I’m very nervous Oh sir . 3 prisoners escaped from the prison. did you see your unit here. when did you come first. can we go? Yes. he has a big belly. Come on we don’t have time How long is it? for half an hour. but don’t trust the weather.Mubiseries


but we don’t trust you. but we ‘re going to do this to you.

our office It’swhite Yes now moments do you hear this I’m listening I’m writing Do you hear it I’m with you for a minute Don’t worry e This team Left at this second roundabout I want to approach Understd we are following 100 meters later it’s cold up in the direction of beautiful vacuoles You find it you can print it in a very small image 2 3 left o and queue Is it still about you people museums this where are you learning I’m running away my love your plan D plan has four status possibilities.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitle

Small I got better from the street on the way

After mosso Street . it should be on your right until the day this remote e-scope is the heart. is the positive vehicle seen it s Come on bye It’s almost time to get it to the island God help you Past thing be careful be careful clean team run negative vehicle is negative vehicle empty Where do these guys find them call them he is smiling Smile nothing As if nothing happened okay? We continue as what. let’s go to which direction you’ll see sn Thank you we saw it. let’s go you survived these guys We have no choice but to enter the Emir away from you My President. the guys kept everything Yes So what are you doing? tell friends Ok smile At least we’ll save time guys don’t forget if they find out you’re there.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitle

we’re in big trouble Got it in but me I’m going to meet with hunger

Damn Where are these guys to Turk in his youth quickly before anyone sees we follow Clerk he who they are Sir I don’t know follow Bas Gaza Sir Light should I talk about we need to get rid of men 4A brother From here to the left Ya Music from here to the left Ok oh and I robbed you now go ahead light PCB o When will he come The guards just talked to the

do you know what we will say to Ayvaz Köroğlu man?

I found your love. what are you saying to me? Didn’t Ayvaz even give me this phone call. he wasn’t with you. but my uncle wrote it today. he calls tomorrow. how do you know .

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitle

Life has changed now my son lk at the event officially like a movie I’m like a movie Let’s see then get a place this Kemal there what does this adjective about the field from Çetin is correct It seems that my President was there we went. it can’t be a coincidence . The man is obviously working for Yıldırım. but the rain had already come and itrdu Subtitle

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