Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitle had rained. My President. when the trustworthy ones seemed to be protecting him. we left the front of the house . How is this where he got education from the orphanage But are you in the orphanage this is Welcome Yildirim a few minutes late because he was waiting I was getting bored you seem surprised to hear my voice tricks like this there was no need for tugging.

we could meet in a more comfortable environment

We can meet up and stare Mete I want you to remember what else you want I want you to remember who raised you I remember I never forgot I do n’t worry so I came I know you very well I remember when a cow will come in and when it will be a treacherous You t. now I remember there are other things I remember you killed an innocent woman to stop a young man who has fallen in love with Mete . Mete President. I have never forgotten that you never forget that I did not order anyone’s death for years.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitle

You could see that he fell in love with the target that needed to get closer.

Then he had to take the money of his organization and run away with him with Rosa. Remember it correctly Sam. I had no other choice and the biggest mistake Maybe he came to see you as my father? Without an iota of regret But that old Yıldırım is no longer there. for example. the President died together with that role. Oğuz Yıldırım. we were there . your funeral will send flowers. You will gradually learn the vinegar and intelligence. Oh patience. patients. we talked about this man. we lked at these sides. so you don’t remember anything. President. I really don’t remember. it’s been so long that he even changed his last name.

I didn’t even think of it.

God take you out yes my friend go out and to these beans About this childhd and very closeness. the president always protected me in his arms. It’s like an older brother. but not exactly. There is another. But as I said. we were just children. What did you feel when you saw 12.10. nothing is lked at? Are you sure? This man is very important to us. We will use it. His mask has already burst . Brother. no such thing.Mubiseries


come on. the president does not endanger the fans.

eat the feelings in the world of semspare You say that there is no 007 Well. wherever you lk at the support. I spent a few months. there is no child from you here. to space. we want to be alone with it This is life in this operation President I think it’s the right decision be. but I’m bored. I’m the president. I’m bored . Didn’t I miss chatting with you. t? But don’t forget. I know you well t Aha Others are cornered like rats. Beg me for them. Be a little more open. I ll say it doesn’t suit you to be curly like that. but actually Sena does n’t stay either. It would be a lie if I said. what do you really know? They’re my sons huh? I know it’s dead . Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitle

so I Yes. now I have to beg me I m waiting But when

you remember. you forgot most of them. this state does not feed their children to wolves stop telling lies to yourself. my sons. this time it’s very difficult. No one seems to be after us. We have a plan to get out. Since we are out of prison and it didn’t turn out as we know. we are working on a plan. but we need some time. brother Yusuf. wake up. Yusuf. wake up. Yusuf. are you okay? come to work. let’s get some more Get well sn Serdar Zehra for a bigger crisis If they know you’re there. there’s nothing they can’t do. you’re right. you’re right . this job is about to turn into a six-state girl. It was in a bank safe. my President. the key to the safe was in someone else’s mind. and the Israeli intelligence came. sir .

they know we are here. do n’t take jobs or anything.

wait outside and pepper Here’s why they came. it’s obvious why they came. it’s the land of the Republic of Turkey. I’ll make it There is Music brother I am safe with me I am well camouflaged The place is using the underground world or something Lights Here you go. we will sleep if you go away you don’t see what’s going on Oktor sir Calm down Come Come if you want let’s talk with this dropper lament for a patient or with oil paper O yes How old is this massage tl if you like this money a little be.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitle

a doctor best evening to what do we owe this visit

to this Çiğli won’t you invite? We are out of message hours sorry I am listening to you today and this vehicle was found parked one street down after a long chase Now two Turkish citizens We also had one of our own. no funny I still don’t understand what they have to do with us . I would like if you go inside from the results not me Do you fold it or in the evening How was this Alo

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 38 In Urdu Subtitle

Ferrari like they’re going to deny it until the end of the hunger interview Just as we predicted What are you planning to do Nerf I even did it Bilo You said you won’t deliver the killers to us until the morning I said face inside We’ll take it You’ll be disgraced to the world t. You don’t know mulberry Toker. you don’t know Gul Ugh. why didn’t yo

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