Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitleurkish diplomats. Lk. we will have to force them out of there. then you will be disgraced to the world. As your friend. we do not want this. but we know very well who is friend and who is enemy. I hope you do not make such a hole . it will be your answer. You are paranoid. the whole world will come back again and we will witness together who will be ashamed. Thank you brother. I would see a fruit truck as if the exit plan was ready in case . then we will take the plane to you sn.

Have you contacted that Yusuf if family.

we will take him out and deliver him to his family. the rest are waiting for their work but there is something strange. the doctors came out to you and they still haven’t come. It’s gd to hurry. my volume. o Uncle. it’s t late for this. the cops came. What are we going to witness. this ready balln is ready sir crazy world to 40 if image I wanted to watch together how you will be disgraced. enter our land and drag those killers out one or two people will become your city Wrap the flag will send it in your country you won’t see it in shame this man crown president A I add 15 metal iron Yes. now it’s approved entry entry.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitle.


15 inside there is movement or flock to

the sea don’t force the dr I warn it stops there will be a conflict let them go. Everyone will see that you are committing lawlessness We called just to say please wait for news from me. entrust it to our state. I think the news is bad You stay where you are. Congress is clean inside and it’s tennis. It’s also clean. It’s clean. Yes. number 3 is clean. ol He’s about to come. this J o bear bro MP5 then I’m clean president I’m not even once This is not how they are we ‘re debuting he got what we bought but we don’t have money no one asking if you want something to drink Can I get a coffee o everybody.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitle.

this that’s it now we’re speechless give us directions

kid unlock isn’t i Tell me the way or are you on the edge here It’s clear that we will do it but you can take it if you want I am something like that uncle we came together we went together Uncle. I’ll take someone with me when I go. Gd Idea. let’s take a brother to a few Yes are you ready Brothers Alhamdulillah haz Take a gd lk at what we are Believe me I love it so it makes me very sad to see a colleague like this this month How did you do this I’m sure they were inside how did it happen the wound came to our building we have a lot of things before that Please stay on this island I’m reasonable and dude and you tk it to Europe. You will solve the issue of humanitarian aid we sent to Palestine and that you have been waiting for days. I am happy to ask.

This is a big request. But this is a speculative.

Demir. there is an issue that I have to deal with. to that . dolmuş I don’t know uncle God lk ya God has gd work month doing business with you is real I’m waiting for his usual course from ten to speeches Sadık brother I can’t accept it’s t much still you’re going to have a wedding sn Is that what we said There is something else going on. I’m Beyza. here you go. and . since we came here without news. the matter must be urgent. you’re right . I’m a journalist. Are journalists exempt from water? This is also my thing. this is more precisely a martyr who is said to be a martyr. This is the wife of the member of the organization.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitle.

I understand. ma’am. I’m Yahya.

Can you excuse us for a little trouble. of course Sadik brother Sadik brother. my mother had tea in the meantime . I’m from the country. I don’t have a tl to explain the news sources. it’s so sad to say Let me tell you . this subject is very important to me both professionally and just now. That’s why I want to ask a few questions that will not take up t much of your time. With your permission. ask these questions later and I will not answer all your questions. It’s me tonight. I’ll be here. Thank you very much. What happens to that tea? Yes. we got the target on his head. we are on the way to get it.Mubiseries

God commands. and he is beautiful It makes no sense to me.

since when he was questioning orders He was almost dying He was almost dead I’ve been questioning since then It pulls Well then we’ll die t Do you want to see it t. I don’t have any intention of seeing it . If you want the data. definitely lie . Do n’t lie. First we’ll get the key . Then lk. it’s ridiculous. I haven’t heard of the plan. What are we going to do after entering the bank? do you have a better plan.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitle

let’s kill it Lk at this guy.

he’s already sold this data. he’s already playing with us like a cat is playing with a mouse . Is this guy going to argue right now. I really don’t know when it’s better this is __ __ from the start right now you make out that you came for nothing these days this but you always do the same thing o Allah god this hello hello where are you so calm down

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitle

Ariel ok and again and pass them ten kilometers east of my aunt arun part they will be waiting for a big surprise there are we loyal to this agreement Yes let’s describe the way we continue we will go to the main road we are moving towards the agricultural realm why yes th

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