Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 34 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 34 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 34 In Urdu Subtitleis is the way of my joy I will take it out on the street o I hope this is a trap i will kill you with my hands e sign up Hello Hello Hello Hello Gülcan ending with a question mark Selam I think this is alive Yes. it lks like this house I was wondering if this is possible. Can we talk if you are available? Is it because the person was dating my childhd sweetheart Yes ah ah he couldn’t get it to your mother’s house why did I ask this nice graduate why he was just your friend because of what he said why why yes why will I go in because if it goes like this we won’t talk about anything but why with you

Tell me why am I so worried because

I love you this summer this movie is here I love everyone you know Pınar mi amuriye I didn’t come of my own accord o ke I had to but Day by day I became real and family to everyone here so don’t worry for you Momsen it’s normal for me to wonder isn’t it normal The people we have to wonder are I’m going to be in Israel right now I’m going to be in Israel The two of them are both under a blockade at the embassy Isn’t that the check next to you? yes he has changed a lot now he does n’t lk like himself.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 34 In Urdu Subtitle.

You’ve changed a lot t nice Don’t lk at my personal belongings

without asking me Nope But this is no longer personal property. this man is a criminal who has entered the intelligence service’s radar Yes you have changed a lot. at least used to be more consistent __ You’ve changed a lot Also you’re the __ That man don’t mess with all your settings O lady. where was I born ? We’re right there actually and do you know this person Did this member of the organization obey? It’s so mine. I know this person and I think I will speak to him about this subject. Yes.Mubiseries

because our people’s freedom of information requires this.

what I have experienced in my heart requires me to keep quiet. This is what you went through. Sadık Bey used to talk less. don’t you think it’s time to talk? now I have to talk at this time. but I think you should go to the person who served you this File and ask your questions to him. let’s see the photo this is this Do you know my late father this is what’s the deal with you I’m a journalist Music this is what you say you killed his father. let me tell you this decision lover what a __ he’s right Is he __ this week Yes What if you are an intelligence officer doing the most thing we need to do Yes he is doing his feelings.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 34 In Urdu Subtitle.


You’re mixing it up If you bought it like that. OK.

you’ll see it t. my rose It’s a Sunday puzzle so gd this Where is it going bro You and I both know very well that it’s probably not his duty but where are you going 19a But you even went to see Ebru secretly I didn’t tell anyone that Is it true Yes Yes now I’m going t Brother. this is the only common point between these two pictures and the issue is whether you stay between us. decide your life okay? or ours? Yes it’s t late you’re late. here we go. they did it right? Yes. they won’t come out today anyway. I have you. Elif. I say thank you. see you later she this is Pınar this is Çetin I say I will call this is how long we will be back sn completely slingshot this here listen well. this is İrem’s meaning . don’t move like this. don’t move or I’ll sht this kind of person

will have his money this morning but he won’t come

I told you it’s nonsense don’t trust this man The woman is right really big __ The data you’ve connected all this time was right next to us Yes now he’s dying for this tiny card the fun part of it is start now ab Be one. . he said. how nice. he said So I called. I’m cutting off the accounts of Turks. . let’s come and listen in this message. you are trying to jump on the wide place on the road to this music by feeding it like God God I haven’t seen anything like this what is going on but you Let’s bring olive oil The person you are lking for cannot be reached right now. all your curses touch us How is this no person. his magic touch.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 34 In Urdu Subtitle.

Memories in opened chests Because the memories written

on the walls and getting ready like more wd from the past to the future Our road is not short. there are mountains in front of us and Each square meter of the prize cries. so it drips from the dough. like a waterfall. you have a new message with the notes he wrote as he writes we are silent o 2000’s we will meet again we will talk again l sea . If we develop this technology and put it into practice, the cost for them will naturally be within us. Do you have Yes dear audience MIT and Turkish Armed Forces once again undersigned a successful operation . In the statement. it is stated that every terrorist Dinçer.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 34 In Urdu Subtitle

code-named Hump. was neutralized with an operation last week. the terrorist code- named kangar gave the order for the attack in which three of our soldiers were martyred three years ago . yes yes this man is the man who provided the bomb in the attack on ourselves. did he resist at home. this opportunity did not happen uncle why am i writing this now what is it purple You will kill the engineers you killed in the attack to English newspapers But this thing I said name is the man who provides his Cyprus residence he Jo But

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