Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitle Palestinian who infiltrated him s we can find out where Karayel is Halal gd gd news for you gd one second it’s t gd to be true news this is sure to have had it had to get it it can’t be that easy snotty Where are these guys how can we find it in jail It was deciphered in an Israeli prison imprisoned Ariel When I realized that Yusuf had infiltrated him.

he killed his whole family while he was in prison .

Ariel may be the closest young person to kill in all this time. he knows a lot about him. my dear ibav. in Israel. will I realize. brother. his mission is difficult. There is no easy task for us. every task is for success. Considering the urgency of an event. I have no choice but to reach the man. there is no trace. it’s space. tell the truth. our job is urgent. it’s a state issue . we will do whatever it takes until we get that man out of his city friends I don’t understand Excuse me We ll talk about lightning later. another one.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitle.

We have a lot of time until morning. friends.

I had to make much more difficult plans in a much shorter time yes I’m listening to your ideas now I’m listening to your ideas Ariel my brother a11 is understanding to me from behind spider man with a knife. So a little bit. When I go home. I know that the one who tempts me will burn you. hide it. ceceler internal and external and internal people can do it somehow I’m a grandfather mouth I’m crashing don’t go on the day hi and what price a Welcome. evaluate the weight and Mrs. Flo my wife is right There I had to cut the beard Yes we just got married because our spouse doesn’t like beards.Mubiseries


Your purpose of travel is you will stay in the police department.

There is also information at the hotel. but of course I can’t pronounce your name correctly . I’ll lk İdris ferşad Yes. lk at the camera. lk handsome. are you Turkish. are you Turkish son. I’m Turkish. el lady. visit your home. what’s the job. what’s e-commerce? We’re doing this. what ‘s up with that My brother. I’m waiting here because they created it Written Welcome received Ours. friends . they deservedly got the country. they want argan. Gülcan It’s your turn . they need to go to the same prison as Yusuf I’m eating . let me tell you something. beautiful space. this is Çetin for my profile We’ve Been Working Head m There is only one problem. what is the matter. there is no information about the man before he fell with Islam.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitle.

as if the files were deleted I’m on the television anyway.

it concerns us today keep working It’s a mask The road to the beginning of the years passes through this man Yıldırım does all his work Friends. they will take you to my father from Çetin. and you will start to work differently. I am going to Ankara. I will meet with the president. take it easy and Sadık brother Gd okay okay loyal last year I told you. you’re embarrassing us. You’ve always been giving us a remittance for 20 years. Thanks to you. sleep in our stomach. But now he wants bread for our house.

There is no need. thank you brother.

but don’t get involved in this. I know what I did . Let’s trust God. Sadik brother. I will ask you for something. you will be accepted. you know that you will sleep. girl i liked we will go to ask Then. wow. you’ve been buried for 20 years. Now the girl’s father asks questions. I pour out all your paints. According to her. everything that comes from you will be beneficial. Sadik brother. will you accept whatever you say and return it. But you let me know the time of your heart and you want the girl to .Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitle.

How is this operation going?

Hatice was impossible to force my President. We survived. so Hulki and Hakki are in Israeli prison. That’s right . it’s not the operation that’s why I wanted to meet you today. Here you go. I don’t know. my love . I wanted to talk about why Zehra’s You came back. he told me during the operation He didn’t share anything. I said I wanted to talk to you because this subject is sensitive. but to summarize. he saw a video about the time Serdar disappeared in Kemal’s house. he bought it from the same place with Serdar Simone and his arm meat . to it. were they together and they got into the car with Serdar. but obviously they did something to Serdar and there was a loss with you at that time .

so as a matter of fact .

it’s going well operationally. but that period is still missing. Ben Zehra came back because Serdar is around I don’t trust Serdar for a month and a half. Why did you give up? I don’t know. I couldn’t. . Can I tell you something? Well. this title suits you well. if I thought for forty years in the morning. I wouldn’t have thought that you complimented me Serdar. do you want to compliment me t ? I like it or something. you say it. I don’t need to say I’m so sorry.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitle

But I don’t like an arrogant man like you. Then I ca n’t trust any woman with this if I like it. Except for you Thank you for not leaving me alone this is Serdar You can tell me everything. what do you want. I promise. whatever you say will stay between us. Now we talk like a MIT member my lost days You’re asking right. I promise you. you re the first person I’ll tell as sn as I remember. and

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