Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitlethere’s no need to worry. I don’t know what they did in my head. but my heart still beats for a country. the moment I have no doubt this I’ll prepare something to eat I I liked this evinova mix pocket Empty the sea ah ah sign this row also But this Entry procedure don’t ask questions about what’s going on sign here and are these Turks Those two who came from the airport have Iranian drops in their passports they went in and out a few times Well the others are about the gas station robbery they start the iron entry process This game is understd. this is the game.

You brought it to Tara branch.

What was necessary? Aren’t you Turkish? Aren’t you Muslim? Yes. there is no need for any other reason . When you break that police officer’s wrist and regret that you are Turkish. you will leave here regretting that you are Turkish. If you manage to get out of here. of course . these are the newest. But these are the news. You will be forced. The news has already gone. He is waiting. Friends . I hope Yusuf will do something right now. I hope he will . I opened this box. there will be a problem.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitle.

this is the way it is and stop.

Trax stinks all the way Uncle is ridiculous Saki you bunk bed Over there next to your head is also a muslim Gd gd you’ll get along yes I said But this is empty We’ll put you to bed sn Nor religion. you want to do it. my pasha said. no problem. there is a rule here. what is it? de When we were saying that I would fall into the same donut with Yusuf. this brown bear appeared before us. not the mn. the uncle mn event Oh ice mn . where is this Pınar she went to her rm she is working on her new identity this is gd this is why Çetin entered the correctional house and it lks like he didn’t hurt ol he he And then he was constantly in and out of prison Oh shelf injuring. detention. shting but whatever you need Let’s see what you lk for huh no information about his family Oh yes I know Isn’t he also the boss of the logistics company Now to lk legit bro here you go it’s very nice I didn’t sleep well. I came to help you.


I’m a little worried But this Çetin is not a very gd man Gülcan Generally.

our business is with such men. So there is no new situation. nothing like this. come on. let’s work together a little bit . we’ll test yourself t . it would be gd. let’s go over it okay And this will continue until you find three. until you find this Köroğlu Don’t get me wrong. but you’ve been lking for this girl for years. you can’t find her. we don’t know she’s alive. she’s ours.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitle.

I’ll find her. my son.

this is what I feel this is Selamunaleykum Ve aleykümselam Brother Barış Welcome sit down very late Yes Well I don’t know the reason for your visit at this hour Sadık ah ah well lk then the work will be longer O I need to drink tea kge The mn is on my back. I ‘m drinking it. How so I say it’s just me. You stop by Yes Bon appetit. thank you ah Yes Well. did you make a decision. the reason is Your visit is No or bad. or no. it’s easy. it’s easy in every evil. it’s hard to decide which one to chse.Mubiseries

I am very confused.

brother Salih. what have you done to him. what ca n’t happen. because you are not such a person . how do I know that. because you are the son of your uncle Hakkı. he is the son of your uncle. and he is not comfortable with those men. I talked to you already. I quit my job. I am not working anymore. I to what happened You said that’s it. you said to the men. did you allow me. these guys said to you. go for a walk and listen to your head for a while. but then he came back. right? You’ve met. you ‘ve seen the money of the men. you’ve seen their car. the men called you Vatan lied to They have said nation for years. they have said honor. they have cut Akcan. they have voted. they have poisoned the intravenous syringe.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitle.

this is now in this dishonest world.

it is getting harder to bring bread to the house in this dishonest world. It is difficult. but there is a loyal brother. isn’t it? . but after that hour. lies begin. Can you tell the big lie to whom? this I’ll show it everytime lk lk lk pistol [Music ] Ya I’m repentant I can’t drive death get it . that’s how they give the man a gun ] that’s how they asked the man. but where is he called brother. where is he. for example. where is he d? Be a bone o For example. I keep it right hold it right. the muzzle was right.

you’ve pointed a reputation at no creature before.

it will come out with a strong beard Lk at Namlı. after straightening up like this . it will be harder to turn back . you won’t be afraid. you will lk me in the eye right right. very nice. very nice. but This Hand is trembling. jackpack Then how can I explain you. you know. when a person dies. his life is like a film strip. When he kills someone. the same thing happens. The first time. it’s the same . Then you start deceiving yourself.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitle

But now it’s as close as a trigger distance . stop power money glory fame my hand is like this Then. all of a sudden . a thumping sound comes and then a burnt gunpowder frog in his nose. squeeze you But now know this brother Barış and that bullet that came out of the end of the barrel is not

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