Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitle someone else He is stuck in your destiny I am the lead that came out of his end It is not someone else’ny But know this But what was your crime brother Actually . ninety percent of the Palestinians lying in this prison Resistance to the police is the same as season defense Actually. they sht us bullets. we catch stones at them.

they bring them here.

How. they said. I tk eight years. I have an eye on the first eyebrow.be very careful. it doesn’t pass in the morning Give Patience Allah this name is Merve my surname is sherbet ten of date 22/93 of Gülcan ash Can Yes sir Oh how many times will we repeat it or how many times will we pass it what about your horoscope what a sign I don’t believe this you don’t believe it or something I mean.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitle

everyone knows what your sign is.

I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s always been like this if you were an actor If you like living other people’s lives. I  This is my country. There are other ways to serve my country. Now this is OK Yes. exactly this is your talent . Did you realize your talent? It means she didn’t. She doesn’t talk about them.


You don’t talk about them .

now you played well this Pınar Ya lk at my disastrous childhd Here’s what she told you you don’t even say your mother’s name why you don’t even say your mother’s name why do you get off where to sell He was a child like me. if you understand my view of a wasted person. how gd would it be for me to share your secret something . Lk. I told my father. I told him that we were not interested. what a sad life it’s not sad No it ‘s not sad next to what I’ve been through Ha. tell me about it.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitle

Anyway. what kind of life is this ?

I don’t want to break your heart the most compatible dear beautiful ol Gd if the car is Serdar Are you available Yes gd I have to go to work tomorrow and then you know that I will go to all of them well I mean you will have to buy the gun from whom I will send the information from whom to whom it will be ok understd Yes there is such a beer what we say. thanks bro His wife is needed. he will go from there to the prison With the mask of a lawyer. so he will have to have weapons to us. will you come today. this is the air-conditioning time. but the weather is 122 this is the current one come on wake up come on boy this side Then just get up and click here. Lk here. one of them in order.

Do you know what it is.

No. do n’t open your mouth. I’m leaving this release Let me leave it. let it go. this is our man. yes no. brother Yusuf has been sentenced. they are throwing cells Gd I don’t know. it’s a ridiculous reason It’s not likely .

we have to reach the house now in my mind.

It spread from everything there he it he it he that man needs to be here a ma I can’t see it Yes friends this is also you give help yes 10 What’s going on next year we will get now and Kerim the sparrow Does it get zty health free? Let’s play the phone behind you like that. they’re watching them all. . Excuse me. Can you take a photo of me? . This is Nikon I said and Pardon me.Mubiseries

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitle

i’ll ask we can go a we got these. Whoever said this is by dismissing them do you know 13 this stay by sending ok do you have this month very thanks every What did you see he has something to tell me That sure childhd trauma. God. everyone has it. Wait a second. how do I know who I’m talking about. What am I talking about? If he says

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