Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle Sense Gürcan. What’s wrong with you?  Your apology is more than your fault. I’m asking what you want and it’s overly beautiful. What kind of analysis is it. I’m dying of excitement. you don’t even understand it. you don’t even understand it . focused on yourself and your job Selfish person This is the lion. Maybe my father is gd with you in this regard.

At least I preferred it to humanity.

This is a success. Come on. talk. thank you. . when did you enter and I knocked on the dr But you didn’t hear . what happened? What if I’ll ask you something. this is the last what if he falls in love with you I don’t think so. Why should you get Love to me. Gülcan. this is Pınar ? You know. everyone’s childhd falls in love or has been with you. I didn’t have a childhd crush Gülcan Do you know why because I didn’t have a childhd Yes sir I’m coming right away.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle.

It doesn’t suit. if it trembles.

it’s not because we’re old. it’s not because it’s not a seat No. it’s not where it’s from. it’s not on this website. this is Köroğlu. are you crazy. are you going to do photos of all the girls in Turkey? Yes. I’ll lk at what happened. you’re talking about millions of girls. Takes more pictures Brother you go or I will find it I swear I will find it today Maybe when you least expect it. the cake will appear in front of me Inshallah brother I hope this Gdbye Sadik But art See you in hell. It’s my faith. But hope in God is not lost. Wherever you go.


your sins will be forgiven.

I’m lucky if this major came. our necks are thinner than hair Don’t worry if I have an ablution without wudu I won’t step on the ground I don’t sht whatever you want O Kneel in front of me a lot in return lk now I heard this word from Your Mouth I hope such a death has come I hope the gun is not empty is not gd Yes. I’m approaching. come. this is my name Hüseyin Göktürk Turkey My lawyer appointed by you I came to join the rsh of our Turkish Citizens who are imprisoned here wait here Hüseyin Bey Is that woman Türkan from the smurf Yes she is waiting here Well the newest heir I will do this for you sn I’m going to ask the state hospital.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle.

this is İdris hasat.

this is Saffet Coşkun. get ready. you’re leaving. let your right brother Ke Take care of yourself. Gd luck. number ten. there will be nw is that I will not die before I get that man. it makes sense. Let’s just talk about the operation on the way. so these two of us are confused anyway. don’t make things difficult. This is Borax.Mubiseries

we’ve lost his love m more sick Don’t you want

to lk at Palestine yet this is it so ah ah lk my friend you don’t care Yusuf ‘s dear You lk like a mature man this is inside talk God damn you bastard or so much well yes let’s stay calm uncle lk at that uncle I’m giving you my love Where I’m going shopping I need money Or In a car Longing No one with you Let them be careful if necessary You can order the money in front of you sir How are you Ariel I want to be in a gd md I’m coming tomorrow I’m coming tomorrow are your preparations I ‘m always ready your money is ready I also escaped from the plane or will you meet me from the airport But you are our guest Of course I will.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle

don’t say I m dead I’m a man who made money from other people’s Wars. his life was spent in war zones. I’m not going to die in his own home. but I’m not left with your wealth. full of charged men . it’s always gd to be cautious Ariel Watch yourself see you tomorrow See you How are you finished. steal. bring what he orders. but to the gds tomorrow. What’s going on. where is this Commander. dear audience. take a gd lk at this man. here. a warrior has the bld of many oppressed people on his yellow hands. this man was captured by the operation carried out by the National Intelligence Organization today and the Turkish He is on his way to be brought to justice. he may not be aware of it. but he is in big trouble.

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