Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitleinside the airport, but mushrms this is how we will proceed to the security forces do not take action wait for news from us we will need you while making the response plan and during the response Is it clear Emine you I can handle it Still be careful there is a find on it I’m trying to come to you what is the demand of these terrorists President I signature They didn’t say their demands. We have little time. Did he communicate with Serdar?

He’s waiting for news from us, all outside.

I’m trying to connect to your cameras, President, but the problems are I can’t connect, there is a high probability that he may have interfered, what do you do? no grudges mom Aybüke Aybüke Aybüke I want you to stay calm and hide as much as possible lk okay I’m pregnant I want to die before I can see my child ] I said I’m surrendering, remove death, is there anyone else but me, wait more o this I’m listening to Serdar, do we have a communication with vegeta’s president phone Are you sick in my heart If there is something, try to stay calm, do n’t talk, tell me if you can hear me, touch your right cheek. That’s why I want you to do a little more preparation for the operation outside.

A little more No to him, don’t you get up,

why don’t you get up, why don’t you check the inside after I leave him? Let there be no one hiding, so they don’t cause trouble, take it people intervened in the situation where it was set up they’re lking like there’s not much to do, let them take it away, did they find another person who was embarrassed and hiding do you have [Laughter] what is UV Wow I’m single sister sorry I couldn’t make it. You’re in danger t, okay, it’s like we’re going to get out of here. here. They bring a new name. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitle.Mubiseries


I think they’re hurting and they’re the ones who stole away from them.

He’s also losing a lot of bld. Irfan Irfan is full of bld. A doctor will come to you sn. Don’t worry. Think often. Who shot you at the last moment to this what happened to the phone Please wake up this man is dying 7 situations Elif President Serdar we have complete communication outside, but unfortunately Zehra fell into the hands of terrorists God damn it, about the demands of these terrorists Is there anything, have a gd trip, there is nothing. Are you in the village? My President Yes, I need to pass your teeth sn.

A gd verse and the prime minister.

I’m going to say Kale for the signing ceremony to be held. You order A101 I don’t listen to them they are getting orders from outside It is not understd that they are taking orders from outside their leader said you can order on the phone It’s getting dark right away You know who you are talking to the man is sick heart patient I’m trying to calm him down don’t shut up Is there such a thing possible, unfortunately, my President, in the middle of the hostages, there was no life among them.

he doesn’t have a mask Send us a clear photo of him

there are teams in the corners Be careful be on the alert at all times I don’t want any mistake okay we are in such a state our preparations continue we are waiting for action we are waiting for action the operation box is given everyone get ready Is it understd Yes it’s not that slow what do I know you turn on the camera

or protection of any country and Ziya has

the power to determine his own destiny. You will steal the resources, yes, let’s not let you starve for resources of gold. We will not let you get hungry for resources of gold. We will execute objects again and again if our demands are not accepted . Our rules other than that are simple , if you try to enter, bombs will explode if you cut off their sources, the bombs will explode again. In short, if there is any day from the outside, there are injured people. We will send a health team from the outside as a sign of our gd intentions.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitle.

Is it a medical team ?

I mean, I guess he understd that the company is behind this. This is how we will proceed. According to my President Serdar, this operation is managed from outside, if we find out where this intervention was made, our job will be much easier. They are doing it from the interviews, my love, I can say this, my love. Together with These , you go in with the paramedics, you need to reach the phone that the man contacted outside face Can start the preparations

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitle

How do you do this technically the easiest way However, crdinate immediately o 20 20 if you can hear me, thanks to you, I need to give information to the outside. I own ten terrorists, is it true ? is it eleven, he’s at 12 It’s understd We’re working. My President is beautiful. Your airport cameras are still not connected. My President. How much time will I need is related to thimportant

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