Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitleneed It will be OK OK. It’s understd. President now researcher, sn But I didn’t talk to you anyway I did n’t talk anyway. What’s the situation on the side Yes, you can enter from this area Hi, take a tour here.. I say it President, but I’m back to the beginning, what does it mean we’re back to the beginning, give me a logical explanation, I’ve provided a link . It throws it out. It seems that there is an internal intervention, we are working better, but I am waiting to hear from you here

Our hands are tied coffee, oh God, you is coming back

this is Master Ok calm down don’t tire yourself do we have a lot of pain Ok now it will all pass there is a price this wound is getting bad exe Keep calm ya my daughter 1 2 3 can we reach these images team is working or if we log in blindly we can cause great loss of life you are right I am dealing with our patients below then we need to work on a plan B we will get help from our staff on charge we need to focus on the plan that will be like our eye, but g rup We do this Sir Is everything okay a little bit okay Sir give me he is aware of every step.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitle

of you breasts t very little Turkish man is ready

come on come on come on come on very little left really one more time Mom come on Here it is Ok sir now we can’t do anything we lost the patient u if this is dead let the paramedics go We have more important things to do okay it’s understd so get out this Kartal If there is a fading lion, can we get gd cameras, so Enes I failed, but it is given on the phone, he managed to sht If I am president let’s take the man away stay right in thatsense thank you very much thank you I would like to be in your place t Thank you that is very beautiful Pınar Thank you Samet friends.Mubiseries


Congratulations God bless you my president

The one injured by terrorists I had to make the effect how the man we suspect was sleeping, tower guard Zehra shot my rm, the man was about to wake up. I had to kill this Zehra. How is this Zehra between the cities? For now, the situation is gd. , this is an inside connection, my Commissioner Mehmet, what a balln video has been released, closed circuit, let’s see, you’re hungry, you woke up without us We set some rules, simple rules, but we see that we do n’t take it seriously.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitle.

. If there is only one thing to be afraid of in this world he is also people

who are not afraid of death We are one of them and you insist on not understanding no more games no more h His subordinate shot the hostage tonight, he locks this man, he had little children. Who is he? It will be okay, so beheycan, they will kill someone they want, or sit with us, will you watch them, then So what did you do, we killed the man, calm down Zehra, please, how is this Can you stand up I say to you I’m telling you I’m telling you [ Music] you Get up I’ll blow your brain What’s going on with the dice My President , they fired in the air to scare the hostages.

Nothing will happen to you or your baby, okay ?

You’re going to put it, we thought you’d pay for it all, don’t come out Zehra Don’t do anything, I’m begging you, don’t do it Zehra, dude, let’s get , let’s see if you can be that brave in front of the cameras, I wonder if [Music ] something will happen to you, nothing will happen to you. You know that I won’t let anything happen, right? This is success Zehra they are taking the articles, how will they understand where they just tk them there with a probability they brought it there I will intervene now we talked about the life in question once again I will not let you this is Zehra they have taken God damn you auto here condition go go ya God’s punishments we will manage e-academy right space.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitle.

Say something this Wealth

What is going on we need to do something we are together in special operations We are planning the operation not the right Let’s talk emergency response charging continue It is impossible for us to operate at the moment, to allow the fault of a person. we can’t ade Don’t worry it Stop Let’s see how much your state loves you Yes do you see that woman sn this woman will die because of you wait a minute, maybe most of her husband friends All your loved ones will be upset but I won’t make you sad

Do you have o Because this woman is not me,

you are going to kill this woman I have never let anything happen to you. Do I have an uncle No no not now I’m in that deal every day. Yes Ok you have half an hour let’s set our hours. What’s the matter guys we have half an hour come on no what’s a lie Let’s finish this job here

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitle

I’ll give you your wife Yes to that space. You seem not afraid at all. I prefer to do my job instead of analyzing your feelings . we don’t have this fear yet. I recommend the same to you , by the way, I sent the location No bro, the location of the perso. Who gave the instructions from out

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