Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitle can you reach the camera system after the explosion, what do you suggest, I will provide the necessary support from here. We don’t have a choice, it stops, I get it, I’ll contact you again sn, Special Operations can send it finally, I m waiting for the instructions Understd, I’m waiting for the instructions this Let’s say Serdar speaker , we are planning together with the police units We need your help t, it’s clear nice President, I’ve been watching these guys for hours. There are 11 terrorists,

including 4 suicide bombers, but one terrorist is keeping watch at the entrances .

They tell me there is a radio communication between them . If it is done, we will first remove the suicide bombers and clean the rest. You are talking about the north gate, right? Yes, it seems like the weakest point at the moment , but there are those who come into action at short intervals , I will take care of them t. I understand. Then let’s make a discovery there, then it’s the theme again. It’s understd, my president r ol and what is Serdar’s place, this is the environment themed form. We need to come very quietly and deal with it very quietly First of all, we will take the security to the entrance of the dr until the presents,Teskilat Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitle.

then 4 men will join gradually,

we will have 20 people inside before the suicide bombers take care of it, nice we can get you No my love Serdar is out, I’m glad to hear that it seems appropriate in the plan, my love, when will you go, what do you think, Commissioner, I heard for 15 minutes 15 minutes k15 minutes Understd, inspector, I will take care of it if it comes into action in 10 minutes I trust you Serdar I also to you 30 mm do you hear they will log in in 15 minutes You t be prepared Yes sir me Do you hear, there is a man inside.Mubiseries

How so, they are preparing to enter the dr right now,

and there is someone directing them from the inside, this is the information, now calm down, what we need to do is very simple, first we will cut the relationship between the inside and outside with the signal mixer. How are we going to communicate before on the flight screen as we agreed , or is it understd, first run cm. Then this north trunk entrance Let’s prepare little surprises like this. By the way, don’t forget to find and kill them with that fugitive mouse inside, okay? We have a new group of 50 people, how many surprises should it be? 20-25 is gd, I think, uh huh, in the first attempt of Special Operations, 2 The fact that it caused the death of 0-25 people is enough for them No, hey, it’s not possible, it’s not possible,Teskilat Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitle.


we can’t find it this way. Technology abandons this habit of speaking negatively,

I haven’t seen any suspicious place in this way, leave the definition of the suspicious place, I can’t see it, still t wide me I hear Gülcan but I am aware that it is not possible for us to find what we are lking for in such a wide area, I am not right, I called , a short conversation on the phone tk place, it is a little narrower now the search field is somewhere between 27-39 Got it, give me a little more time, let’s clarify the location even more

  we cut off communication, when now there is a mouse inside,

I’ll get out in communication, cut off contact, but how is that car Tarık I ‘m so cute, but smile You don’t want to upset a little bit, right Faruk, you know the bad, my father calls in a little while I talked to Tarıkçı even lking, UV Wow son, you’re that much ok you love it ha She called right now Calm down Just for now She’s a little battered but you know what

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitle

I have to do time is running out If you want to see your son alive, act now or I swear to you, thank you my son can’t even identify his dead or he’s wrong All this ] this Camera is active this signal is OK at the cut, you can return to your duties when it’s understd God damn they ran tweezers for the last 8 minutes What’s going on No signal then it worked they can be this Servet call Gürcan on the satellite phone immediately, find out what happened not ok Gülcan unde

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