Taskilat Season 2

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitle. Did I ever hit this man’s head? But come quickly, He will make your heart Hussein, I’m a man left lk Lk at you the most , will he stop, and the end will say the same There is a man who has no water left And now I don’t care about anyone else on my mind There is nothing but revenge this head Doesn’t Stop in which if he killed a lover in a pan are you hungry .

I care how much you do But the only thing about .

you right now is that how far is it towards the forest I’m open from here, ask if this is you? understd Then I’m sorry Yes sir this is a woman of forgiveness Of course I’m waiting but my guest is coming, is the preparation okay of course This is gd, what did you do, how are you? come on, how is he coming up and he What are you doing bro dear pharmacy is it more fingers He says it’s wrong, is it a raise, but it’s not yet, I called that rib below, what a relationship, my dear, I said, OK, come and catch us red-handed, what are we going to do,Teskilat Season 2 Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitle.

don’t worry, treason En the crime I don’t like Us or do you need anything?

Is the man there and legal Or are you a silent uncle? I guess where did you get it from? It’s half finished. You don’t care about the lights sale do it or Thank you very much Thank you very much  He entered the movie theater this time forty One Understd Target logged in . Is this confirmed? is empty It’s probably my sister’s duty, without waiting. Don’t get upset. It’s a bit of a chore. It’s the elimination of the staff . I can’t spend it with the defense system. Can anyone predict the result ? Which work, my love, gas hydrate separation technology, of course, this is a little bit of Halit, he says, I saw you a little thoughtful, what’s wrong.Mubiseries


I ‘m fine. I’m fine. A little sleep. My President,

God, that alito and that gas hydrate separation technology can change the fate of this country. larca natural gas hydrate in the region we researched There is razer, the amount that will meet the energy needs of this country, live for years and they will continue to sht down like what they will do to prevent this . They will understand. Well , we continue to tell our memories. President, we want you to know how sorry we are for that girl. No. Is there something new that I don’t know about? Yes, there is a gas hydrate issue.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitle.

Turks are moving faster than we think.

Hu huh intelligence or estimation and intelligence. We managed to recruit one of the engineers working on this project. It must be tired, this is such an important operation in Turkey. Why didn’t I know about it before? Come on, it developed very quickly and your situation was experiencing great pain. Also, I said we will do it if necessary. Also, my personal example, it speeds up our work, it will benefit us more than harm Do n’t worry, I hope so, yes, come on, to the full man No, did he leave the hall? where we are may be the same this guy has a bag in his hand this is our man It seems we are waiting until this shopping understd got what you will get Dsmart wait but don’t say don’t shut up don’t talk like that .

Yes now don’t lk it’s time everyone calmly never

didn’t quit or we’ll see you this came out of the guys download it I will download it said you slowly out You will regret this If you make a move You will regret this innocent man is dead he is innocent ta ta Congratulations guys, from this speech As I understand it, the news is gd Yes Sir, we had the operation with the goal of success Exactly three people, gd news, but you know what will happen, they will come back.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitle

I would try them t, if I were them. The threat it will pose is huge. So I don’t understand this, President. So both for humanity and for the environment. It seems unreasonable to me that a technology that would be so beneficial for people would pose a threat to their miles, to my high schls, to my environment, to humanity, for example , money all the time, and 3 It’s that simple. We think simple t. Then my President. There’s nothing we can do no Yes Yes Yes Yes No, very bad At the end, what did he do, I think that deduction was suffici

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