Taskilat Season 1

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle

.Teskilat Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitleo you have it o Feriha is the one who is the one who is moving the rest is brother Let’s get out of here Come on bro Come on brother Come on brother come on We are operating as soon as we recover Right leave the area immediately O this is this. But someone is coming Hurry up canary news [Applause] President, don’t say anything bad Say this unfortunately I have to say the place where.

President Mahmut is held is a vehicle.

They’ll find out they’ve been abducted sooner than we hoped, they didn’t come out, it will be very difficult God damn it What are we going to do? We have to take it with us a little. You say has already surrounded the hotel, I have informed you that you both will suffer the worst of our lives I’m sure it is Zifan our situation tonight my Pınar President, although we changed vehicles , two vehicles are after us there is a checkpoint we’re going towards these armed men we have to find a solution I need some more time it’s a lot stay calm Keep calm down our guns.Teskilat Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle.

We’re going to get out of here now You will be at this man .

Shoot them both, they won’t do anything like that, we got someone, we have no way out of here Leave your guns or I’ll shoot your boss download those guns in the woman Steel only helps me our house pray all nose will be repeated please download your candle guns like o l no bro 5 Are you missing your way, looking for your way .


there or are you a guide what are some of our guides this pops up this pops back.

Or I’ll kill it Do we have a deal .There’s only one problem you can’t make this deal without a girl in hand I’m here, General, these guys are waiting to hear from me. But you know what to do first, stop, thank you very much. It’s my pen. Are you sure? That pen is auspicious? If you want. let’s not prolong this work any longer, my Prime Minister, so that .Mr. Prime Minister has a We have guests, do n’t receive, I vote, vote, breathe.Teskilat Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle.

I don’t disturb them Welcome, Salih, welcome.

We have a nice agreement. But if you want, you can use this pen, but Mr. Prime Minister, what does that mean and you’re late again Yıldırım This is a no-building zone Treaty in the future to the document and agreement that our brothers want to see with the Armed .Forces of the State of the Republic of Turkey , and it may be your brother’s death warrant that you signed , we both will not leave any entries. This city you hold will fall in a few days anyway, how do we resist, how do you trust .Mubiseries

Mr. Prime Minister you made this wrong choice, let’s see who will save .

You from this situation when that day comes we never leave it alone it comes to the whole world can i get documents Buy Lightning We use these documents as .FED you can quit a your and represented your powers No work here o this cream is our gift to you Thank you You are welcome [ Music] hehe one kilometer from this checkpoint [Applause ] is there he said this is it he. Do you see the beauty of the years, I’m ready, mashallah, the hawk is talking , the enemy targets have been cleared , thank you, there are braves , my son, we will accompany you along the northern highway direction of the Trabzon region for your safety .Teskilat Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle.

Do you have.

what are you doing have this is there a kilometer from the motor point do you have this is it this is This is Do you see the beauty of the secrets of the product Oh mashallah .Falcon is speaking, the enemy targets on it have been cleared , thank you, there are braves , my son, we will encourage you for your safety along the Northern highway , to whom are you cutting your car? Did you get out of the lottery? what a lottery on our own but I don’t like lotteries .But you say we are doing math here we are doing calculations that’s not the case, and in that life, shouldn’t I do math, should I not do everything in the heart ?

But I’m lking at you.

I don’t see that heart either. Now brother, listen to me carefully. A couple of days later, I went here again, I drank my tea, am I throwing Volta? I turned my head. At the same time, on your right, on your left, in front of me, behind me If I see you, what would you say to the bait?

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle

I ‘m sorry, he says to me, come to this Age.do this to your jugular vein 4 .I have many channels [Music ] don’t get it, you understd me yes .Come on now go away everyone listen to me they will repent to me If today when you return to the bunk bed and put your head to your writing, you say thank you when you breathe If you want to return home safely when your sentence is over, don’t make me exchange your repentance Is it understd, trash will not be dust in this courtyard. Everyone put their t

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