Taskilat Season 1

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitle. He worked as a manager in a mercenary company How can we reach him, but ok He has other bodyguards for example Yes he is walking around with at least four bodyguards and at least 4 frogs are great how can we approach this man He was married and divorced four times Why are you flirtatious why Yes he has a soft spot for women I’ve seen images of many women in many places You can see very poorly on this subject here .

Good, we will find beautiful women.

Now, besides you, Zehra Hanım, other than me, is Serdar. if i had time I could also find different things. Now I’m going to close the space. We can’t ask you for the operation right away. If you have no idea about the operation, think about it. I don’t know. Do you think Ceren is a beautiful woman that can make a man’s head spin ? At least she knows how to do it, she knows very well Zehra Güven Cihan is perfect for me.

Also, we have time to spare for alternatives right now,

this may be our only chance And Or you’re itchy but let’s carry it, let’s carry a little stopped or I’ll carry it Why do you look like that then and I bought it just in time Friday car Yes they brought a new one You’re well with my President , it’s okay Pınar curtain where are you We were wondering what happened in I’m fine no problem, the connection was lost, did the soldiers notice me? This address is the weapon Wing Inshallah he This is something else Why suppress bacon he What are you talking about, soldier A


woman was stealing a first aid kit I caught it Well you don’t

seem to have caught it then what happened Commander It’s clear from such idiots What will happen if you form an army Commander Let’s have dinner Turks, go to the lesson in which hole you probably entered, go out there, mom, there is one hour Get well soon Hi my president what is the situation Pınar is so shame what else we did Serap president Halit president his situation is better very nice Hello my president You have only one problem what are they I got into a conflict with the soldiers while I was looking for first aid supplies

Are you injured or no My President,

I had to neutralize the soldiers and they are looking for us everywhere right now Baran It’s understandable. Is there any news about the murderer with the prime minister? Of course, nothing has happened yet from the Prime Minister. We have n’t received any information that Halit has moved to the region of the national consensus government yet . Do you have any information about him? I guess we talked together I want Alp We will go to a region that is ours and understand what the body is to make a deal about our seas, they will understand what is the body of making a deal about our seas,

it is deserted, in constant contact, don’t worry, don’t worry,

we will do our own thing, make these preparations, we are going to dinner tomorrow. Okay, I ‘m asking Efe Yıldırım now, we’re going to Ayfer tomorrow, right? Isn’t she with you? This is Ayfer, my dear. There is a person where, what can you do? Yıldırım is about making the money I spend without thinking. Some of them are about making the money I spend. to the notebook at a moment, Mete President will be leaving Oh ice moon Yes sir friend I’m going but my eyes are back I thank you very much ,

but something inside me said that your son wouldn’t do

it, but I bought it together. After what I saw, you saved me a big big chicken, not even I’m yours inside, my daughter will die, we haven’t found them yet before we catch the person who did this, the burden on us is not lifted, but there is no one, just like you. also have more roots, take them Safe and bring them here God thank you this is Salih this Are you ready I’m right I’m ready my President I spoke with Kale Confirm OK I will welcome you there Adem is ready to do his best to help in this national reconciliation.Mubiseries

I say my love when I talk to Adem ready

thank you beautiful have a nice trip we don’t have much time we don’t have much time to save ours from the ground we will do our best else But this time we may need more than our best take it easy guys. Goodbye Friends have a good trip [Applause] be ab be one right now there is a lot of what’s going on you will do what I tell you one by one Go to the bathroom there are make-up materials there I want you to be as beautiful

as possible we can trust are we sure there is nothing

else we still believe in him is that enough for you I think it’s too much in the mountain of god I hope you are right I know Ceren well I know Ceren This is the area where the Bey is now. This is the area they are in. First of all, with the support you will give us, how much will it be possible for us to enter the region by using military means ? Is it possible? It is not very possible for us to carry out such a military operation right now . We are working with a corner with a seperation roof .

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitle

It is not possible to shift such a support force to my area. what is your guess, this is actually our government’s turkey we will do it depends on the poetry support agreement all we can do now is to delay the invasion but we will defend Trabzon to the last drop of our bl

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