Taskilat Season 1

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitleis is a very good moment as an arrogant I was afraid you would say it as a good one is it bad to be a good. combine bad they say the same thing for everyone ya handsome Style original Even handsome arrogant and a good agent That’s totally how you remember this I forgot you right away I just sat down for a week he is so stubborn he is clever his country. is self-sacrificing brave he isanother very talented he is another then a little too beautiful he is very beautiful.

But right now you forced yourself to compliment,

do you realize I’m a woman Serdar it’s in my nature every woman likes to be complimented I owe you my life but I just paid my debt we fired let’s not do this to each other don’t look nice so I can look at it like this how it’s ok okay look like this don’t look at the purpose it’s hard to put a word to you in my heart we messed it up o I’m sorry this This is not my toilet , never mind I’ll go check it out Hello my president Hello my president

But now we have to take out the wines

Everyone needs it too. . Anyway, I’ll go and see. full so that you will attract attention I will go, you will also attract this If I wear these , is there anything that will happen to me if I wear them? But they are okay, try it if you want, it will be okay Ah ah tight Ha ok it suits me love you are right but But you don’t want to send it alone But I don’t want to send it alone It’s like we have no other choice no we don’t have

time Your coming puts both of us at great risk there

is ok But be careful don’t worry oo how much is this status it’s not bright there is no one on the street on the soldiers’ stone I found one small pharmacy they looted the whole place there is not even a Band-Aid Now I’ll continue I’m ok be careful he’ll be out of here in a few hours for now You ‘d better stay there a new nice one for you presidents are in a difficult situation worse Kidnapped the elected prime minister brother sought to propose a deal If this deal is achieved it will cease to exist in the eastern Mediterranean indeed We can’t let him, what should we do? President, we need to save my brother Mahmut, because the Prime Minister will have to sign an agreement, where are the kidnappers, where is the responsible man


now his heart is in Switzerland,

instead of Genko Mahmut, this video is only two people Yes, these two people Yes, we went to Switzerland with two people Do you want us to go and get one of the mercenary killers, it’s impossible Zehra girl, you didn’t hear me He said it’s impossible, I can’t hear you, my president, I can’t hear it, we’ll handle it, my President, you can talk to space, the beautiful details, take it easy, space, what we have, the man’s name and surname, the man’s name and surname , on the best Main list ever in history from space Yes, give me some time give it i will work and get back to you we are waiting No my love I will check quickly right now of course

I know my father is injured and we need medical

supplies gauze pain killer please don’t you know that many look around this maybe this man Look, this is what we did, now go to your house , don’t go out after dark, you are a beautiful woman, all kinds of bad things will happen to you, come on It is not your job, will there be such a trace? Just because you visited, it’s okay, we’ll go. Boy, because I didn’t do it, son, what will we leave him in? It’s good for you, bye bye, this animal is this kid, because I didn’t do it, he said it becaus

Then there is a big mess in this business,

look, someone is trying to destroy the tender, do you think Yıldırım Bey knows about this, don’t be very funny, my son Of course there is. Well then, it’s ready so , I’m very confused, yes, okay with We didn’t find the woman, the other jumped, she stayed on our lap For example, look, let’s go talk.Yıldırım said, what will he say? What will you say, beautiful Yıldırım, Yes, I did it,Mubiseries

then we will find out who did it,

or we will ask for his account after that, thank you very much, you are very elegant, the flowers are here to say to the trouble, get well soon, thank you You see it well, but I think you should rest a little more to think about such things. While saying such things, I saw these photos and you are going through these very difficult times. Do you know that I met this in this snow.

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitle

He did it. Yes, I will never let go of this job until I prov this child do such a thing. me too I will do my best to help, who is behind will put it on the board, how is this Halit President, I wonder how everyone was thaid hello agais about the man, the man is.

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