Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 In Urdu Subtitle Haha, is there arrogance in the principality? The title requires first to defeat one’s self and to get rid of arrogance. Without thinking ahead , the caravan raids and raids. The Turkmen run into difficulties. You will be judged with the power of the informal Konya. Who are you talking about, Vizier Alem Shah? Mr. Osman. Selamun aleykum. And aleykum salam. Mr. Osman.

You took my word. Welcome. We enjoyed it.

Since we are done, it is time to give the good news. But I would like to ask first. where do you come from We come from İnegöl. Some secrets cannot be found by searching, Osman Bey. If you don’t have the talent and strength to find it, you will tire not only yourself but also those behind you. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 In Urdu Subtitle  Even if they run behind fifty doors when we chase them, they’ll break them all and take the one behind them, evelallah. Don’t worry, vizier lord. The doors you broke are always open to us. Here is your gospel.

Brother. Brother, you are fine. Boran alp,

the best of its Alps. I have heard that he is a prisoner in the hands of the infidel. As the patron of the Turkmen, our hearts did not settle. Gentlemen, we have the solution for all your difficulties and insurmountable problems . How we brought the Boran Alpi, we will find a cure for every problem. Why are the doors we broke open to you, Your majesty? Power, Turgut Bey, might.

They know enough about politics not to treat the

margrave and the vizier of Alem Seljuk the same way . Politics is to clinch the victory in the battlefield with ink on the table.Ali Selcuklu does not make concessions, he gives respite. When the time comes, he gets what he wants. Don’t worry, Osman Bey. I said that it is good that the vizier is here.


God bless you. As you can see, Osman Bey.

I came here to establish order. Not for heartbreak. Thank you, Vizier Alem Shah. You did not leave the beech’s valiant in the hands of the infidel. Osman Bey is also pleased with this. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 In Urdu Subtitle Thank you, Vizier Alem Shah. Your kindness will definitely be rewarded. Apart from this, Osman Bey will not give permission without us knowing, not a single raid, not a single conquest,

not a single agreement will be made.

We will make peace in Gard and march on the Mongol. You say your goodness does not go unrequited. The opposite is clear. Mr. Osman. Absolute obedience. Storm. Brother. You are fine. Thank you sir. I’m fine as long as I ‘m healthy. But I would expect you to take me away from that bastard, not this vizier . Brother. What does your mouth say? We come from İnegöl for you.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 In Urdu Subtitle

Every time I got whipped , I thought a lot while I was waiting in that dungeon so hungry and thirsty, sir. The poison took his breath away first. Shush! Then his veins ruptured. Shut up! Do you know how painful this is? Such an unbelievable pain! He crept to death. My wife was martyred for a trust. Let that degenerate who slaughtered my lady surpass my flesh and skin, my lord.

It pierced my heart and my soul. For a trust. Was it worth all the pain, sir? Sir. Mazur see you.

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