Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 In Urdu Subtitle#NAME? -Hopefully . You are there, Gunduz Bey… let the mail be set up. The sky is the tent for me, the sun is a lamp for me, the earth is a post for me. Wherever I sit… that is the state. They killed Hz Husayn.

For what? For the throne.

Cain killed Abel. He is Seljuk on one side and Mongolian on the other. They all follow their souls. All. But… But I seek refuge in Allah from being a slave to my soul. I take refuge in my Lord. My case is not a post case. My persistence is my love.season2

It is Red Apple.

It is Ilay-i kalimatullah. Lafza-i celali… the sentence is to spread to the world. Sacrifice for love! Lovers don’t die, lovers don’t die! My brother’s shoulder… to carry my cause… if he is more skilled than me… then you are there, let him carry it. But… if not for the cause… if he succumbs to his ego… As Cain did to Abel… if he tries to shoot me in the back… then… then I wouldn’t call him brother.

I remember what is needed.

Mr. Osman. It is on my tongue, but I did not speak it. Obviously, Gündüz is the one who delivered Mari to Nikola. And I can’t stand obada without asking for it. I will remember what is necessary, said Turgut Bey. So far, I have never put any cruelty or injustice unpunished. Oh, let it find its place. I even took his head. For the sake of justice,

I would not hesitate to take my brother’s head if necessary.

Thanks. Sir, I have one more news. Alps. Sir. Alps. They used to take it to Konya tomorrow for the Alps to be tried . At that time, we will save the Alps first. The best time is tomorrow. To go to Konya. First we will go to Söğüt. While the vizier is there, we will take our alps. You might say he said, “We’re going to destroy that vizier’s reputation… on the ground .mubiseries


Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 In Urdu Subtitle

you arrive in my city. Let the ahis do the armouring. You should also call that snake-tongued vizier. Summon him so he can be distracted. I think all Söğüt has pledged allegiance to him. In the meantime, we will take the alps out of the dungeon. The order is yours, sir. Arrive in Oba, talk to Bala. Ayşe Hatun with my brother. Keep your eyes on them. I would like to know what happens in Obama.

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