Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle. Hassan! Are you afraid of me? I’m not afraid, Mr. Barkin! Yes. Yes. But you are afraid of Osman Bey. so you too. God bless this marriage. Amine. #NAME? Amine. Grant perseverance in the livelihood and love marriages between this couple. Amine. #NAME?

There is incompatibility, hatred and separation between them.

Amine. Amine. Tekfur Kosses, you will be able to protect me against Osman, right? Tekfur Mateus, I think you are overestimating Osman. Kosses says it’s true, Osman refutes life after a dream. To our friendship, to our unity. Since we’re friends,Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle let me give you some advice, Mateus. If you want to defeat your enemy, you will know him well.

Then tell me the dream that Osman refuted life.

Let me tell you, Osman Bey wants the oppressed not to be oppressed anywhere in the world, so that the oppressor does not breathe. For this reason, he pursues world domination. What a dream! Are you one of those who oppress the oppressed? Teban is not happy with you at all. You bent their backs with heavy taxes. My subject, my decision is none of your concern, Mr.


my brother Let’s go diner’s anger Father Orhan Alaattin, let’s come to help you, let’s see if you can get your hammers, let’s see the children Let’s see God’s God #NAME? right God is God #NAME? right God – , let’s stop, children, let’s stop, let’s see, let’s see what makes the iron strong, sonsKurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle..


Is it the only thing that makes the iron strong?

He will always be with you so that you will have both a companion and a beautiful mischief. Only those who boldly pass you by are afraid of the Pusat. And those who come before you with the power of their wrists are afraid of this pusat.

Otherwise, this scumbag has no meaning.

Who else is it, the rascals who hit from the back or the traitors who play? It’s the son, but the mind is the word of the ancestors. Even if your enemy comes to you with a stick, you will go to him with an iron shield. You will not let us down. Victories will not make us heedless Our sleep is the sleep of a rabbit, let the heedlessness stay with us, Mashallah,Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle. we know our intellect as well, father Mashallah,

mashallah to my valiants, mashallah to my wolf’s sons

, my lord Mashallah to the sons of my lord, my lords want to see you, my gentlemen, I will come soon. gentleman rests Sons, you will not get out of here until you pusat this iron in that furnace . This iron is Fatma’s puss. Come on, it’s your order, my lord. I hope the court will be settled and it will be done, my lord.Mubiseries

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitle

Gentlemen, I’ll go now. Gunduz bey, your great commander, has been martyred Turgut bey is wounded. Let’s see him, let’s get well together with Ali Bey, let’s gather our strength, then ride and ride the horses to Bursa, but now we need to stop, has Gencebey been around for a long time, has he established his order, brother Osman Bey has a longer time than us, his training is complete, he must have kept his yogurt. Sir, let these clouds of fog lift up and let’s get there. Thank you, I listened to you without saying a word.


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