Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitlet me go, my lord! Hit! – Sir! Hold on, sir! Mister! The bastards! Hit! – Honey girl! honey! #NAME? Bala, my daughter, Bala, wake up, Bala! #NAME? Bala. Girl, wake up. honey. – Osman! Mother! Ana Osman! Mother! – Stop girl! Bala chick, my lady, are you okay? I dreamed, mother.

Give me water, Zehra.

I had a dream! Osman was in darkness! I’m not comfortable at all! I’m afraid they should not do anything to Osman, mother! Here, drink it, drink it girl. You’ve had a nightmare, you can’t act on a nightmare. Get comfortable. Thank you, Zehra. It’s good Osman, keep your mind at ease, emi? Vizier Alemşah waits for Osman in peace. Bind his hands and feet! You don’t know what to do! I’ll make you pay for what you did to Maria, Nikola! So your stupid sister Maria is the reason for this betrayal? You took Rogatus with you.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle.Mubiseries

I give this arrogance to your desperation.

For if I were to go to the emperor to be judged like you,I would go mad just like that! But don’t worry, you won’t go alone. Especially if I get that Rogatus, I ‘ll send him right away. In return for my burning market, the lands of Harmankaya became mine. Mine! I am Aya Nikola İnegöl and Harmankaya Tekfuru! You will beg me to kill you! Did you hear me? I will kill you. What can anyone do to me? Welcome, Osman Bey. Come close.


You have become the lord of these lands,

inherited from your ancestor Ertuğrul Gazi. He has an uncle, he has brothers, and if they put Osman in charge, then I would say he is an agile man. You are so stupid, What virtue of what right move do you find foolish? Just say it. You never pay attention to the power scales. Who am I? Ali Seljuk’s shadow You say right, you say right Sultan Mesut is the sun, and you are his shadow.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle.

If it exists, you exist, if not, you don’t.

Our existence does not depend on anything other than Allah. We are nobody’s shadow. You went against the rule of the state, you stole the pusat to your vizier! You will pay for all of them. Let me meet with Sultan Mesut and he will see the truth. He will be upset, too, how he gave this office to someone like you. Who told you that Osman was going to Konya? Here, here In Bilecik, that oily rope will go around your neck!

Not just you, but all your alps.

I never kneel! No one can make me kneel! No one! To trap the vizier of the state, to raise a vizier to the vizier ? Take this out of my sight! You You are neither a state nor a vizier to the state! Even your ancestry is not ancestry! There is treason in your dough! But sooner or later the truth will come out! It doesn’t matter if we are or not! Your end will come, Alemşah! Your end will come too! Osman gets tangled in my feet a lot.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle.

We will hang him tomorrow, his death will be good for Gündüz and Kayı

. Gunduz Bey will not allow this. Do I need permission? We say be it, we say do it, you do it! Gunduz Bey tried to run away, we caught him , we hanged him in order not to get the reaction of the tekfurs. The edict of the vizier sultan definitively requests Osman to Konya. Let it rain orders from the Sultan’s throne. Pusat is put on my neck here! My decision is final, everything has a price.

This is the price of rebellion against Alemşah.

As you see fit, my vizier. Who are you! What do you want! To whom is the intention, to whom is the destiny, Rogatus. We were waiting for Osman Bey. You Pastor Philip Our name is not Philip. We keep walking the path of the Righteous!  My name is Kumral Abdal. I am one of Osman Bey’s comrades.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitle

I heard that you were also friends. After all, Rogatus, why do you run away from the castle? Where is Osman Bey? We were betrayed. Osman Bey and Kosses were captured. I just ran away. Do not say!  say!Alps! Oh Alemshah! What tricks did you use again! What tricks did you use again! He teamed up with Nikola and bought my soldiers. my soldiers! Of course, Osman Bey, who took Yusuf from the dungeon to the palace, will also take him out. You shouldn’t stop here

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