Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles Taking the land must be like breathing for you. if he says it right. he always breathes for the land. and when the time comes. he breathes for the land We pass But in our lesson our range is not for ourselves but for our generation I can’t wait. patience is gd. it keeps a person alive It’s not just my friend. I want someone in your enemy.

the shadow of this place is so big on this wden finger.

of course . be careful with your words to take your part again or your head will fall into that shadow. If you say that we will buy it with glass and anger. not with Cenk. don’t force it. . that’s where it stands. Ali Selçuk’s land. Other than that . we can determine the range according to it and our soldiers are among you. According to him. we are going home .

don’t you know to drop a be a bone

o He will take my funeral to you later Number of being busy at unnecessary ages o he do you see the real happy plane I see it’s happy to get out of its cage What is the cage of our body in our soul When is it free to fly At that time . our health has descended into peace. like a bird . I’m so happy I’m still mom I told him I love him so much Applause this is weekend Damme sunday what do they do here alone We karmatis Subway Sultan He turned the hearts he had brought with him. suddenly I survived God. I will hurt a gd person. I will hurt you I will take it with me Let me be your gold. and I will be a disbeliever with you.


I’ll take it to the countryside.

then I’ll breathe When you bring the governor to your feet by not paying . the bovary will be paid Ali our shots were wasted from the headphones. even the pastures were gone . most of our animals were hungry. my phone went away. Your cargo was difficult. We gave it to you. how we increased it all the time while you were sleeping. If you don’t want it. you guys. soldiers. you’ll get rkies until half-sunset. Bring your son and the men with you. they will pay their debts to the desert. It is not enough to relieve my sister’s pain. Seda is also beheading these Karmate masters . Bahtiyar has found this tail and even brought the answer.


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