Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles sir, they lost track of us. #NAME? -Let’s go Kutam. Let’s go so that Osman Bey can recognize the traitor in his camp, let him know. I will go to Kayı tribe with Mari. But be cautious. You never know when that Nikola jackal will do what. It’s my command, sir. Alps! Lets! -We go! #NAME? I’m here, I won’t leave you. Okay you can go.

Argus, is there a trace? No trace, sir.

Just got the news. Vizier Alemşah was waiting for you in Söğüt. This one was missing, it’s complete now. Also in this state. Koses is also there now. Koses must never know that I took the Mari, Ergus, never! I have neither the time nor the patience to waste with his empty threats. Sorry. -What if it went to Koses’ ears. -If he heard it, he’ll let you know.

But I will act accordingly. The main thing is not Koses.

That is easy. Vizier Alemshah. Let’s see what’s wrong with the vizier Alemşah. Lets! They came with dozens of soldiers. They said that the mine is an informal Seljuk property. It was the vizier’s order. The sentence gathers Turkmen lords in Söğüt. I want you to come with me. We also talk about that. That vizier has done a lot for my Osman Bey. #NAME? #NAME? The vizier’s intentions are pure for now. Come and listen for yourself. Fine, let me come, let’s understand its purpose. It is the order of Sultan Mesut.


Etruğrul Gazioğlu Osman Bey opposed the orders of Sultan Mesut and became one of the rebels.

Other than that, when Osman Bey is caught, he will be dragged to Konya on horseback, not on horseback. Besides , whoever will help Osman Bey should have his head… -Enough! This is Kayi Obasi. Our neck is thinner than a hair against the rule of the state. You’ve taken so much trouble for nothing. If I find Osman Bey, I will take him to the presence of the Sultan myself. There’s no shame in the ambassador, Gündüzbey. We came because it is useful to inform. Soundly. They couldn’t find my Osman, mother. Thank you very much,

my daughter, thank you very much.

Everybody go to work, there is nothing to watch. Lets. You can see Osman or say to me before a news. I will save my brother. You should go to Gündüzbey first. You shouldn’t think about them, Gunduz Bey. Osman Bey knows very well who to see and who to report. Don’t worry. Malhun Hatun. Boran alp, won’t you take him with you? Boran’s mind is ebb and flow. You don’t even know where to stand, can’t you see? Ayşe. It is not clear what the women will do. Let me know if they go anywhere from Oba.

The order is yours, sir. Aygül,

it’s time to go outside. My Oba and Orhan are entrusted to you. Mother. #NAME? #NAME? I hope you go quickly and come back soon. May Allah make his way clear, do not leave us unaware. Thank you, Bala. Vizier Alemşah’s men. What business do they have? We’ll enter elsewhere, Mari. Ayşe Hatun, I was looking for you too. Alecem, I have little work, let’s talk later. I know the beauty of your work. Now I’ll try too, but… not like yours. Show me. Let me show you. What are you up to, Ayşe Hatun? Lets. Brown Abdal. Lets.

Mari, Mr. Turgut. You’re fine,

thank you very much. #NAME? #NAME? You are injured. Slowly. I hope it will be fine. I saw the men of the vizier in Obada. #NAME? #NAME? The vizier set up a game for Osman Bey. My Osman Bey is a fugitive, we’ll go look for him. We can’t enter the room then. #NAME? -I’ll hold on, hold on, I’m fine. Fine, we’ll come too. But is it clear where Osman Bey is, do you know? No, we don’t know.

We will look everywhere.

Auburn Abdal is good at tracking. -Well then, let’s go. #NAME? Obviously, they will go to Osman Bey. Lets. We will follow them like shadows. We’re getting closer. #NAME? #NAME? Lets. What do you run from? Who are you? Osman. Karaosman. Mr Osman, huh? There are people coming. Is it for you or for me? Who cares for a shepherd? It’s obvious they’re coming to you.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

Mr. Osman. Hide. I found you Osman Bey. Did an injured man pass by? I asked you if an injured man passed by. Whatever I say is a lie. Maybe it passed, I didn’t see it. Maybe it didn’t pass, I misunderstood. I can’t lie. Don’t let your words be a slur, shepherd. Did you see or not? Maybe it’s more than the man I’ve seen. Maybe there is no trace of humanity in it.

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