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Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles the revenge of our brother and our soldiers remained on the ground . Melik is your only job . we have rewarded the beautiful ones. according to yourselves This is my story If we don’t give history to him . both the dynasty and the state call us Cruel. they think of our longing for the throne Think a little bit of science and politics .

Paradise Umrah is such a rebellious island If you say

my rights to the people. if this is politics. I don’t need to be . You lose everything you have in your hand. Everyone Greetings to all. we will solve the issue when the time comes. Whether you give or use karaboy . he is Sultan brother Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles I am angry at them I would also like to take revenge of my Ayaz brother who usually gives it I would like to take revenge on the one who gives evil breastfeeding Now you are the only one in command I will do our father What do we have to wait in our section Bayram I

Is seventy years old. what there is no orphan

My name is Muhammed worshiped so I will do what is necessary to improve my own reputation o Hi. we entered Zara with a sword and we ruled in our minds by using only one person. What if Melikşah gave a positive verdict about Nizamülmülk and Sancar? When the Dynasty collides. this will be a trophy for us on a golden platter . Show those days We. Şeyma. have these Seljuks crushed against each other. clear the way for the esoteric state We came back to our neighborhd.

Where they kicked us out of our houses. getting stronger.

now you will be bright in the dark. the dark. the light We You will lk like everyone that will enter every ear. until the seeds you plant cover the Seljuk soil. if the superstitious one goes away. you will not be floating. We lked at the allytta . when the seeds are wet. the sentence will cover the Seljuk land. lk . this test is far from our soldiers in the caravan. If he decides against it. we will switch to style to overthrow the throne to it. Then.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Is there anyone who will give the final verdict today. not only for the sencers Nizamülmülk. but within themselves This is one of my last words that I heard. all the burden was on my shoulders. be friends this or how can you make tawassul we had to be Sultan yours Yes ok Of course why did we have to do it. my job is clear . After all this. if you try to maintain the law and property Do you think the whole dynasty will unite against you if the state remains? Apsettin iz Kılıçaslan.

You can photograph this sacyr tree for the child.

Even 8 and he will ask and tell me that you did all of them for the state . Do you have any. I’m among this state kamas Well. of course. I will go out with clothes. so you can see Seda Greetings to everyone. it was cleared of traitors But this time it has been deleted. Sultanbeyli has an eye for the phone. there is definitely a lice under it. otherwise our sultan zinhar would not have accepted it. as you said in the tone. our sultan will wait and see the vehicle. he will decide accordingly.

He expects swearing to come out against you with me. If the verdict he wants witnesses is not passed. he will come to the throne against our sultan. Aslantaş has also heard from the palace. if he gives Let your head be 2dc better to you ifit’s all our own it’s Ya I’ve always told you that you’re angry with me every time I put your heart on me Your father doesn’t care about you He even handed over the city that deserves you to the rebels Sword wisdom is an excuse it doesn’t matter.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles

against everyone. I can’t stand this much . he’s going to pass judgment on you in BİM you’ll see. lk. he declares Melike a maqam with more share than you. but just out of my love for you. I went to condolences and sat there. Hatun buys and sells music gold. And if you are declared as German. we will be no different from our service. Lk. my father’s feeling forbade me to get together. Zübeyde will do all of these to crush us. to me Think about our children and we have no one but us.

That he despises his own mother. he is not rich.

He didn’t even kiss your hand. It doesn’t go as far as what manners I am. and if he wanted a fault. it’s up to me to repay you. not you. the head of the Seljuk chicks. Mr. no offense to women It’s your duty. not you. to teach the lady of gd manners. But you obviously can’t do that all these years. Her mother and father will come together for a test. Every time she can’t come. she can’t come. The price of rudeness is obvious in the toilet. Perform a custom. For example. the Sultan gave your life to me. even you can’t afford to break them. Is there any punishment for arguing with me without teaching

This chick decency you came this time. my sultan

We found it nice the more you get the more trouble Is n’t it so that the wolves waiting in ambush do not disturb the peace and unity of the nation. is it not so that this la la China air mail herd message Your Excellency and the wolves no one sees this lambskin Where I turn my eyes. another care. another lesson Tonight my heart says something else The turban that we put on our heads is called taylasan Do you know. Sultan. you answer it. it will be his teacher. this moment is the bridge between the mind and the heart. it points to the alliance of the mind and the heart on the truth.

It points the mind and the heart together. ingenuity

and you will come to me to get a cure for your Thousand and One Problems. you are close to your troubles I’m not the cure. neither is I. you have every cure for your troubles keep the cure from itself It will satisfy both my heart and my right I am sure of the decision that will be appropriate for justice la shiny this is so much in our state. mother may harm the innocent first. this state may harm the innocent first motive sner ? I will make a decision to the state and the family.

He has made a decision and he will pay for overcoming

all the difficulties that will come. a ha I used to make a decision. when I used to make a decision. I would feel its presence next to my relatives. I would take the sun from them every time I felt myself in a deep loneliness for Filiz. And you worry about the Golden Horn Ummah. Because of the secret these three kept. we didn’t get the punishment. As we move forward.

The troubles upon us will only get worse .

It suits our sultan. who left them to the dishonest so that there would be no war. I’ll recover Newspapers from the 2000s sent news from Sultanbey today His Holiness Melik Sencer is rting for a certain order He would open up and give you a shanzer legit.

Nizam country punishes the punishment to be given.

Let’s find out after we buy the famous banana. Sultanbeyli Shah zinhar shelem can’t take the dice from us You will die if you tremble like this in the face of the enemy . You lift it up. welcome him He’s 30 years old Ha dear and even my Bey Serttaş’s had to quit years ago. let me go because he always carried his pain. my son. He bore every hardship. lk. he was never alone.

What did you make me live all this time you kept on the pilgrimage no human heart can forgive you for the time you did no one wants to see your shadow included I just If you were a human Melikşah.

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